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If you have space on your station website that could be filled with banner ads, we can fill that space for you! We are partnered with the top agencies and ad providers, which means we are able to offer the best and highest payouts for your traffic, whether it comes from your players, apps, or websites!

We currently have three sizes available; 300x250, 728x90, and 160x600. Your Cirrus® Player has the 300x250 and the 728x90 spaces. These two sizes, along with the 160x600, are the top-paying banner ad sizes in the industry. Just like the ads on your Cirrus® Player, we can display brand-name ads right on your website. All ads are geo-targeted so your listeners will see ads relevant to their location, along with top national and international brands. Even if you already have a solution for monetizing your website, let us create some tags for you today to place on some other pages, or add us to the mix.

Benefits to displaying ads on your website with our Programmatic Ad Network

  • You can cash in on some extra revenue aside from the revenue generated from your player. 
  • We have top partnerships so this is how we get the best CPMs and fill rates for your traffic. 
  • Need help implementing the ad codes? No problem - our support team can assist, so you don't need to call your programmer or webmaster. 
  • Feel at ease knowing that all of the ads displaying on your site are family friendly. We have strict filters in place. 
  • Just like your player and apps, revenue is split 50/50. 

If you'd like to participate to run ads on your website, let us know and we'll email you a simple form to complete. Once your site is approved for ads we will send you ad tags that you will need to integrate onto your website (or we can do it for you). Turn your website into a revenue generator, just like your Cirrus® Player and apps.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to run ads on your website. Don't forget that we are also available to help implement the ads!

Upload Podcasts to Your Cirrus® Player & Apps

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If you have podcasts, you can upload them directly to your Cirrus® Player and mobile streaming apps via the on-demand section. Use your desktop player and mobile apps as an all-in-one platform by allowing your listeners to have the option to listen to your station's podcasts. As long as you have the podcast files readily available, it's easy to upload them. All audio files will be available on your mobile apps as well! Log into your Radio Control Panel, and go to the green DESKTOP PLAYER tab, then the on-demand streaming section.

Upload your podcasts here:

You can rearrange the order that they appear and play, as well as change the titles once you upload them.

Once you have uploaded all of the podcasts you want available on your desktop player and apps, your listeners are able to browse them all through the menus on your player and apps. Allowing listeners to hear podcasts, recorded celebrity interviews, and other recorded material increases the dwell time on your player and apps.The more you have available, the better!

Tips for promoting podcasts:

Dedicate a top menu button for a highlighted podcast. All you have to do is target a top menu button to open a player app > on-demand > the file of the podcast you want to start playing when the button is clicked. When listeners click on this, it will automatically pause the live stream and start the podcast you selected to play.

Dedicate a player just for podcasts. Personalize your podcast player with full advertising and custom branding/skin. You can target this player to automatically start the first podcast file OR display the files for the listener to select. You can customize this in the on-demand section.

Whether you choose to simply upload podcasts for on-demand playback, dedicate a top menu button, or dedicate a whole player, it's easy to upload all of your podcasts to have them available to your listeners at any time. If you would like to setup a second player for podcasts and on-demand files, please let us know.

Stream Live Video on Your Cirrus® Player

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Did you know that you can stream live video right on your desktop player? Enhance your listeners' experience by offering an exclusive live video feed on your player via the Cirrus® Player's Ustream player app. Whether you want to broadcast your DJs and talk show hosts live, remotely from an event, or celebrity interview, it's simple to set up. 

Your Cirrus® Player is already integrated with Ustream so all you need to do is enter your Ustream channel ID into your Radio Control Panel and the Ustream icon will automatically appear in your player's menu.



The Ustream player loads seamlessly right into the main section of your player, pausing the live stream until the listener is finished watching. If you're running ads, this just means a longer dwell time... increasing your ad impressions and revenue!

Simply sign up for a Ustream account, connect your camera, and input your channel ID into your Radio Control Panel, under the DESKTOP PLAYER tab. You can enable or disable this on your desktop player at any time using a simple toggle switch, allowing you to display the Ustream icon whenever you have live video available.

View a live demo of how this works on our player here.

Make Sure Your iOS App is Up to Date

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Have you checked to see if your iOS app is on version 6? Our latest version 6 gives you more control over your app. If your app isn't on the latest version, click here to submit a worksheet to upgrade. Upgrading your app is simple, and free.

Here is what version 6 app looks like:

If you are not sure which app version you have, let us know and we can take a look for you. Version 6 has new and improved features; such as song ratings (thumbs up or thumbs down), full-control advertising, larger playlist history, full menu slide-out, custom menu links, and more. You also have the option to choose one of seven color schemes with a flat design style.

The custom menu links that appear in the menu slide-out are great for linking to any website (up to 10). You can use these to link to your station's website, sister station websites, donation page, contest page, or promo page for coupons or special offers.

Make sure you are up to date on your apps, as we are always adding new features. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Use Your Desktop Player's Top Menu Buttons for Ads/Sponsors

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In addition to using your player's top menu buttons as links to websites, you can also use them for advertisements or sponsorships... or even donate that spot to a charity. Use these menu buttons as a premium advertising spot. Here are some ways in which you can use them. See a live demo here.

Video Advertising
You can target a menu button to link to any video file you upload in your on-demand section. When a listener clicks on the button the video will start playing automatically. All you have to do is 1) upload the video in your on-demand section under the DESKTOP PLAYER tab and 2) target the menu button to play upon clicking. Simply access the "Top menu buttons & content sections" under the DESKTOP PLAYER tab, specify the button design (whether text or image) and then under "Target type" make sure to select your video ad.


And there you have it...


Promo for an Advertiser
Target the menu button to open a content section for an advertiser that contains a special offer only available to your listeners. When a listener clicks on the button a window of text/images will display while the stream is still playing. All you have to do is customize one of the menu buttons in the "Top menu buttons & content sections" under the DESKTOP PLAYER tab, and under "Target type" you can add any content you wish.


Here's what it looks like...


You can also link those to another website that contains your unique tracking code for offers or any special URL that is used for your station. If you have a local charity you would like to help, you can donate a menu button to them - either link to their site, a donations webpage, or even a video of the charity's work.

If you have any questions about this feature or any other features, please let us know!

New iOS App Available for Your Station - Upgrade to Version 6 Now

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Upgrade Your iOS App Today!

Our version 6 iOS app is now available. The new app was created around the same design and functionality as the version 6 Android app -- giving your station's apps a consistent look and feel.

Below are just some of the features on version 6:

* Flat design style with sleek navigation
* Ability to choose app color scheme
* Branded with your station's logo and slogan
* Full display of what's currently playing with large sized album art as skin
* Full sized album art on lock screen
* Ad Delivery Network
* Run your own advertising: audio/video pre-rolls and banners
* Combine multiple stations on one app, accessed via the "Swap Station" button
* On-demand playback
* On-demand stream backup
* Playlist history
* Song rating with full reporting
* In-car song info via Bluetooth
* 'Buy song' for the current song that's playing
* Ability to add custom menu items that link to external websites
* Website and social networking site links
* Live Facebook and Twitter feeds
* Social sharing ability for listeners to share songs
* Alarm clock that listeners can set for the live stream or an on-demand file to start up automatically
* Sleep timer that listeners can set for the stream to stop upon expired time

Make sure you upgrade your iOS app. If you do not have an iOS app yet, click here to get started (you must have an Apple Developer account registered and paid for first).

For more information on our free apps, click here to open a ticket.

Custom QR Codes for Your Station's Apps

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Custom QR Codes for Your Station's Apps

Did you know you can generate your own custom QR codes that link right to your station's apps (or anywhere else you want your listeners to go)? There are many free services that allow you to create and download your own QR code images that you can place anywhere... on your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here is a QR code for one of our apps, the Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster.


You can also add the Google Play and App Store images with some simple photoshop skills. Create two separate QR codes; one for your Android app and one for your iOS app. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Retrieve your URLs for your apps. If you don't know your apps' URLs, let us know and we can provide them.
  • Find a free QR code generator service, like this one
  • Paste each URL into the form, one at a time
  • Save the generated image
  • Publish anywhere on your site or social sites
  • Direct listeners where to go to scan the QR code to download your free apps. Your listeners will just need to have a free QR code scanner app installed.

Now you can use custom QR codes for your apps, or anything else. If you have a contest you can create a QR code that links to an entry form. You can publish QR codes on your player, either uploaded to your player's "homepage" or create a menu button at the top that links to a content section containing the QR code, publish on flyers, business cards, and any other promotional material.

Broadcast Live from any Remote Location - App Now Available

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Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster App for Stations & Broadcasters

Now you can broadcast live from any remote location with our free Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster Android app. Need to have a DJ on location somewhere? You don't need to bring any equipment -- only an Android device (phone or tablet) running Android OS 4.1 or higher and an optional microphone. The app allows you to connect to our servers and run a live remote broadcast without the use of a desktop or laptop computer!


Configuration is extremely simple. It involves a one-time setup before hitting the road and the app is automatically configured to stream live. Once on location, simply "turn on" the encoder in the app and start broadcasting! Connecting and disconnecting has never been easier with simple toggle switches right in the palm of your hand. The app displays the current status of the connection, streaming bitrate, input volume levels depicted by VU meters, ad mode status, and metadata. Need to take a commercial break? Turn on ad mode for a commercial break and your listeners will hear ad replacement spots you have uploaded in your control panel. As soon as you turn ad mode off, you can start broadcasting again immediately. Now your station can broadcast live from football games, concerts, nightclubs, parks, carnivals, fairs, schools/colleges, dealerships... anywhere, without all of the heavy equipment.

Your station must first have Remote DJ enabled (click here to send a request to have it enabled at no charge). As long as your station has Remote DJ enabled, simply download the app on any Android device then access your Radio Control Panel to configure the app - under the teal "SUPPORT & SETUP GUIDE" tab:

Once scanned and configured within the app, you can start broadcasting at any time. For questions regarding our free app, please contact our support department.

Want a Free Android Smartphone? It's On Us!

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A Special Limited Time Offer

Prepay your streaming for 6 months and receive an Android smartphone on us (minimum  of $99/month plan). The BLU Advance 4.0 Android phone comes to you unlocked, which means you can use it with most carriers. You can use this phone as part of a giveaway to listeners, a giveaway to staff, or use it for your station's live remote broadcasts via our new Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster app (being released soon to Google Play). You have the option to choose between black or white.

Simply open a ticket here for more info or to get your free phone shipped to you immediately!

4.9% Projected Ad Growth of 2015 is the Highest In Ten Years

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Make sure you are taking advantage of the ad space provided on your desktop player and mobile apps. You can run your own campaigns, let us fill the ad spaces with campaigns from national and international brand-name advertisers, or a mixture of both... allowing you to maximize your revenue potential. Our Ad Delivery Network makes it easy to earn additional revenue for your station! Hurry and go into your Radio Control Panel's advertising section to run ads, then continue reading to see the tremendous growth in advertising.

A report from MAGNA GLOBAL says the U.S. market will outgrow the previous all-time high of 2007, at $172 billion. The firm expects one in three ad dollars will be spent with digital media.

Some highlights of the report:
  • MAGNA GLOBAL is forecasting U.S. media owners advertising revenues (core media) to grow by +5.1% this year, to $167 billion.
  • Digital media advertising revenues are forecast to grow by +17.4% this year to reach the $50 billion mark. Within digital segments, mobile-based ad sales will grow by +64% (vs. +8% for desktop-based advertising).
  • This level of growth will be the highest in ten years, bringing the U.S. ad market to a new all-time high of $172 billion (vs. $169 billion in 2007).
  • Digital media will reach a 34% market share in 2015 driven by social (+32%) and mobile (+51%). It will outgrow television by 2017, when ad revenues will reach $72 billion (38% market share).
A recent survey by STRATA of media buying agencies found that 45% of those polled are more interested in digital/online video than they were a year ago, while streaming/online radio saw a 53% increase. Overall, video dominates as 67% of agencies said that their clients' primary focus for campaigns is video advertising (which includes traditional TV, cable, and network, as well as digital video).

The overall ad economy appears to be strong as 62% of agencies say their business is increasing this quarter compared to the same time last year, representing an all-time high for the STRATA Agency Survey.  Spot TV continues to be the top source for advertisers as 55% say their clients are the most interested in that medium, the largest percentage in 22 quarters of the survey. For spot radio, 13% of agencies responded that that medium is receiving the most interest, up 32% from a year ago.