Guess what... Our new Android app v6 is here! Upgrade now

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We just released our new Android app (version 6). This app is a lot smoother and fluid, and has a brand new flat design style with sleek navigation. It has many of the same features and functionality as version 5... but we've just perfected them. Click here to upgrade your Android app right now! We will be rolling out iOS app v6 in the coming months, so sit tight!




You now have the ability to add up to 10 menu items that link to any website (opens up within the app). You simply enter the text you want and specify the website address. Another great new feature is the live Twitter and Facebook feeds, displayed in real time. Everything is controlled via your Radio Control Panel! Click here to install our demo or see screenshots.

Some of the App's Features:

* Flat design style with sleek navigation
* Branded with your station's logo and slogan
* Full display of what's currently playing with large sized album art
* Full sized album art and song info on lock screen
* Ad Delivery Network
* Run your own advertising: pre-rolls and banners
* Combine multiple stations on one app, accessed via the "Swap Station" button
* On-demand playback
* Playlist history
* 'Buy song' for the current song that's playing
* Ability to add custom menu items that link to external websites
* Website and social networking site links
* Live Facebook and Twitter feeds
* Social sharing ability for listeners to share songs
* Alarm clock that listeners can set for the stream or an on-demand file to start up automatically
* Sleep timer that listeners can set for the app to exit upon expired time

Don't wait...upgrade right now. Our new worksheet only requires two images, so submission is a breeze! Let us know if you have any questions. As always, we welcome all feedback and comments.

Earn Revenue From Your Website Traffic!

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Run ads from our Ad Delivery Network on your station's website!
In case you missed last week's email or forgot to contact us...
Earn even more additional revenue with our Ad Delivery Network by running banner ads on your station's website. Do you have additional space on your station's website that could be filled with a banner ad? We can fill that space for you!


We have three sizes available; 300x250, 728x90, and 160x600. You might notice that your Cirrus® Player has the 300x250 (aka MPU) and the 728x90 (aka leaderboard) spaces. These two sizes, along with the 160x600 (aka tower), are the top-paying banner ad sizes. Just like the ads on your Cirrus® Player, we can display brand-name ads right on your website. All ads are geo-targeted so your listeners will see ads relevant to their location.

If you'd like to participate to run ads on your website, just let us know. Once your site is approved for ads we will send you a small piece of code that you will need to integrate onto your website. Turn your website into a revenue generator, just like your Cirrus® Player.

Take a look at this recent chart by Borrell, a top industry research firm. Radio managers believe that banners are the largest single source of revenue, as far as advertising and marketing. 

There appears to be a significant uptick in dependence on banner advertising. Last year 27% of radio managers reported that banners were the largest source of revenue; this year the figure zoomed to 40%. Spending on targeted banners is skyrocketing as both national and local advertisers utilize Real Time Bidding (RTB) and other networks to reach specific audiences regardless of what type of site they might be visiting.
So make sure you are properly monetizing your space. If you're not on the Ad Delivery Network to display pre-rolls and banners on your Cirrus® Player, go to your Radio Control Panel under the orange "Advertising and Payouts" tab and choose to "Turn your inventory over to our ad network and share in the revenue." Then contact us to participate to display banner ads on your website!

Embed Your Cirrus® Player on Facebook

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Do you want to embed your Cirrus® Player onto your station's Facebook page? Embed a 'listen live' button at the top of your station's Facebook page for easy access to your player. Your listeners can always go to your website to open your player, but give them another way to access it. Everyone is attached to their Facebook so now you can constantly remind them to listen live right on your page. It's super easy...just make sure you already have an existing Facebook page for your station. Click here to see our example.

You can download our full 5-page PDF tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to do this via your Radio Control Panel, under the "Tips & Tutorials" section at the bottom. We can also provide you with the images (tab button and listen live button) that we have in a variety of colors (just email your account rep).

Don't forget to also link your Facebook feed to your Cirrus® Player. Most stations have their Facebook page linked to their player to display the most recent posts in real-time. All posts are automatically pulled in from Facebook.


Introducing... Cirrus® Console, an All-in-One Streaming Solution

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Cirrus® Console

Radio stations and broadcasters can use our free Cirrus® Console that includes our DCS (Data Capture Software), encoder, and Mixxx playlist program that all work together under one shell. You can choose to just use our Cirrus® Console without Mixxx if you already have your own automation software or playlist program. You simply install, insert your call letters and authorization token we provide you, and everything is automatically configured instantly. No fooling around with entering information... it's all done for you within a few seconds.

Once you're streaming, you have a status window that is displayed in real-time showing you live statistics for DCS, encoder, FTP, and listeners. 


An awesome feature that is available when you are using our Cirrus® Console is the auto recording feature that allows you to schedule times to record your live stream and save it to your desktop and automatically upload it to your player's on-demand section.

The Mixxx playlist program acts just like any playlist program for DJs, allowing you to mix music using your computer. You insert your playlist and start mixing your music, just like on physical turntables. Mixxx communicates directly with the Cirrus® Console to send your audio stream to us. With a customizable skin, you can choose a style that best suits your station.

If you would like to start using our Cirrus® Console, please let us know.

Interactive Social Media Feeds: Apps & Promotions

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Facebook is a great tool to get listeners on your player. You can use your station's Facebook page to prompt and direct listeners to go to your desktop player or download your mobile streaming apps. You can also incorporate a social media contest linking to your player, driving more user interaction. Embed your Facebook feed to show right on your  Cirrus ® Player; users can keep up with your updates and click on the player's feed to open your Facebook page in a new browser window.


Embed your Twitter feed right on your Cirrus ® Player. Listeners can access your full Twitter page by clicking on your Cirrus ® Player's embedded Twitter feed. Promote your player and apps on your Twitter page and incorporate player and mobile app promos into your daily feed and pages.


Twitter Updates
Use this powerful tool to connect your now playing information to your Twitter account. Each time your player refreshes to a new song or segment, it provides a short link to your player along with the song or segment name - allowing anyone to pop the player open right from Twitter.

Our system automatically adds popular hashtags: #nowplaying & #listenlive. This means for every song update, your Now Playing information will be automatically added to the 'Now Playing' & 'Listen Live' tag feed on Twitter. This is a great way to improve your Twitter presence and fan base.


Prefer to display your own custom hashtags, such as your station slogan or name? This is especially useful in branding your station. Any custom hashtags will be added to the end of each song update tweet. Log into your control panel and select the SONG & MEDIA OPTIONS tab. Scroll down to the Twitter Updates section and make sure the "Post Playlist Updates" to Twitter option is checked. Enter your choice of hashtags, separated by a space in the hashtag field.
Have a YouTube channel? Share your uploaded YouTube videos from your Cirrus ® Player. Upload your station videos of special guest interviews, station personalities, specialty shows, station promos, news, weather, events, sporting games - the possibilities are endless.  
Use Your Top Menu Buttons to Link to Your Social Media Sites
You can use a total of up to five menu buttons on the top of your Cirrus ® Player. Link to your social media pages, mobile apps in the Google Play & iTunes Store, link to sponsor websites, on-air personality web pages, contest pages - wherever you like!

You can also use the buttons to link to content sections within your player. You can have the player function as a stand-alone website by simply pointing any domain name to your player URL. You can operate the player as a separate website for promotional purposes, or it can be used as a 5-page website for smaller stations and broadcasters. (Please contact our support department  if you need assistance with domain setup). You can upload background images for your buttons, or use our editor to create colorful buttons with or without text. Buttons can be easily edited for quick changes. To edit a button, click on the button you wish to edit in your control panel. 

Don't focus on the wrong chip!

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Don't focus on the wrong chip!

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) is nothing new, of course, but so far it's been regarded merely as an add-on to America's regular, analog-based copper and cellular voice networks -- networks that are currently maintained as a matter of legal requirement. The FCC isn't necessarily such a stickler for tradition, however, as it is now encouraging phone networks to explore what would happen if VoIP replaced everything else. In other words, how would the system cope if the only phone numbers were Internet Protocol addresses; if even emergency calls were transmitted over the web; and if remote rural communities became dependent on VoIP, with no other type of network as a backup? Companies that want to participate in the experiment have until late February to submit their ideas, with approvals expected to be granted as early as March -- but don't fear, the tests will only be permitted in "discrete geographic areas or situations," which is the FCC's way of politely reminding telecom providers not to get ahead of themselves. 

(Source: engadget)

US data usage to jump eight-fold by 2018

The volume of data crossing U.S. mobile networks is set to increase almost eight-fold by 2018, it has been revealed.

According to a report by Cisco Systems, demand for Internet-connected devices will also skyrocket and US consumers  will download and upload more data on their smartphones in 2018 than they did on their laptops in 2013.

By 2018, Cisco predicts that U.S. mobile data traffic will reach 2.7 exabytes a month - equal to the amount of data stored on some 675 million DVDs. In 2013, less than half an exabyte of data crossed U.S. networks on average per month.

Speaking to reporters yesterday Robert Pepper, Cisco's vice president for global technology policy said: "It's more people, more connections, faster speeds on the networks and then more rich content, which in this case is video, video, video."

Cisco, one of the leading makers of networking equipment, studies the use and speed of devices, connections and data for an annual forecast of mobile data traffic trends.

Internet-linked devices will keep spreading at a fast clip, with some 271 million connections between gadgets and the Internet forecast for 2018 - an eight-fold jump from 35 million in 2013 that is driven by the predicted boom in wearable devices like activity-tracking wristband Fitbit, Pepper said.

(Source: Mobile Magazine)

Using And Promoting Your Cirrus Player Deals & Coupons

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Take Advantage of Your Player's Deals and Coupons Feature

Properly optimize and take advantage of your deals and coupons section within your Cirrus™ Player. This is a powerful tool to promote your sponsors' & station's special offers. Change coupons and deals daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Upload a large-sized coupon image or PDF, then create a link to open it in a new browser window. Your listeners can then print the coupon.
Similar to digital coupons, place an image or text describing special offers, sales or events - link it to the merchant's website to open in a new browser window.
Enter the text of the coupon code along with its offer, and optionally link it to open a new browser window if you'd like.
Route your listeners to a coupon or site by uploading a QR Code image. Listeners can scan with their mobile device and be auto directed to the target site or page.
Any text, images, flyers or banners describing special offers, contests, and giveaways can be uploaded in the text editor. Be creative, the possibilities are endless! 

Give your listeners a reason to come back to your player by offering value-incentive coupons and deals right on your Cirrus™ Player. Provide loyalty to your listeners by sharing coupons and special deals that may only be available via your player. This feature is especially useful if you have a big sponsor that is only offering a certain deal to just your listeners. You can promote these deals or coupons on-air or on your website, then tell listeners they can find the deals by going to your player.

Creating effective coupons and deals

Almost every website accepts online coupon codes or offers special deals. Offering these specials on your player is just another way to get listeners on your player and stay there. There are many ways to create effective coupons and deals. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Hook up with some local merchants or current sponsors and see what kind of coupons and deals they can offer exclusively for your listeners.
  • Have an advertiser provide a deal or coupon code that you can charge a premium for.
  • If you're a reseller for a merchant, create custom banners and link to the merchant's website along with your reseller link, allowing you to generate some extra cash.
  • Promote a special contest you're running at the station and have listeners check this section to keep up with a contest.

Once you've got some deals and coupons displayed on your player, you can promote them.

  • Post them all on social networking sites with the link to your player.
  • Mention exclusive coupons and deals on-air so listeners have to visit the player to retrieve them.
  • Put links on your website about specials and link to your player.
  • If you send out email newsletters or blasts, mention these coupons and deals.
You can create deals and coupons via your Radio Control Panel, under the green "DESKTOP PLAYER" button.

Cirrus Player Update - Enhanced Features

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New Weather Player App 

We have updated the weather app on the Cirrus™ Player. It is simple, done in 'flat' design style, uses geo-coordinates to display weather area, and shows weather in Celsius as appropriate, depending on where the listener is from. Listeners are able to click to open full weather details in a new browser window.


Sharing Player URL on Automatic Twitter Updates

You are now able to choose whether or not your player URL is displayed at the end of your automatic Twitter updates. This feature allows you to have more control if you have a custom player, embed your player on a webpage, or have your player URL masked. You are still able to use the Twitter feed feature now without linking directly to the player.


Have a Happy, Healthy New Year!

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iTunes Connect Closing for Holidays | New Features Alert

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iTunes Connect will be closed for the Holidays 

As part of Apple's yearly holiday ritual, they will be closing iTunes Connect starting Saturday, December 21, to Friday, December 27. This means that we will be unable to submit any iOS apps or updates to apps during this time. Here is the official notice from Apple:

iTunes Connect will be temporarily unavailable from Saturday, December 21, to Friday, December 27, 2013.

During that time, iTunes Connect will not be accessible and you will not be able to submit any apps or In-App Purchases. Processing of any Newsstand Atom feeds will be delayed until after December 27. Sales and Trends reports via the Autoingestion tool will be available but may also be delayed.

Also, you should not schedule any pricing changes or apps to go live between those dates. Pricing changes scheduled to take effect in that date range will cause the app to become unavailable for purchase until after December 27. Similarly, apps scheduled to go live during that range will not be released until after December 27.

If you have any additional questions, use the Contact Us module on iTunes Connect.

The App Store team 

This will delay your iOS apps a bit, but as soon as iTunes Connect opens we will get those apps out. Google Play is open all year, so no delay on your Android apps and updates. 
New Feature Alert! RSS feed URL for last 20 songs played 

We have added an RSS feed URL in your Radio Control Panel that you can use to display your station's last 20 songs. You can use this on your website or it can be published in WordPress. We still have the embeddable song playlist widget that displays the last 20 songs in a scrolling fashion with album art, but this RSS feed URL can be used to create a customized playlist display with any RSS reader widget.

You can grab this URL in your Radio Control Panel, under the yellow "Linking & Embedding" tab.
New Feature Alert! Start apps from top menu buttons 

You can now target any of your Cirrus™ Player top menu buttons to open the in-player apps. When the listener clicks, the player will automatically launch the player app you've chosen. If you want to feature a particular player app, like on-demand or deals, you can do so with this feature. Have on-demand content you want promoted? Have a certain deal from a local merchant you want promoted? This feature can help. 

You can customize the top menu buttons in your Radio Control Panel, under the green "Desktop Player" tab.